Wedding Cake

That's it ! The ceremony has been set and it is time for you to choose your wedding cake. The wedding cake is the moment of all the excitement, the centerpiece and the exclamation point of the celebration, so choosing it well is essential. Ordering a cake for a wedding can be overwhelming when you have so many things to do. So what should you do to have a beautiful wedding cake? Where to go and who to contact? We tell you everything!

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Where to buy your wedding cake?

An original wedding cake or a classic? As you know, the preparations for your wedding are done on the basis of your budget and the cake is not left out. To have one, you can approach your catering service or the place where your wedding ceremony will take place, because this service may be part of their skills. Otherwise, call on a pastry chef or an independent confectionery designer. Once your service provider has defined, you are assigned a cake designer. The latter can be accompanied by one or more other professionals depending on the complexity of your cake. You will probably be invited to do a tasting by appointment for the development of your personalized cake. The wedding cake price will therefore depend on the reputation of your service provider, the number of guests and the type of cake. A wedding cake piece mounted will not cost the same as a classic cake, let alone a luxury wedding cake. So many elements that fit into the wedding cake quote. Also, if you are looking for an original wedding cake and your criteria are quite selective, you can order a Paris wedding cake. In Paris, you will have a huge choice of specialists who will help you get the model of your dreams. The making of the cake will probably require the collaboration of several professionals including the cake designer. This team remains at your disposal whatever the extent of the changes you wish to make. So let your creativity run wild. On the other hand, if you do not have a lot of time to spend looking for your cake or if it is not of great importance to you, some service providers provide you with catalogs of sublime models of wedding cakes. . Here, you will only have to make your choice among a multitude of proposals before personalizing it according to the margins agreed with your pastry chef. The best wedding cakes near you For your wedding cake needs, you have endless possibilities. Indeed, you can get a wedding cake near you at the local pastry shop or confectionery. You can also order a wedding cake online and have it delivered to your home. It will always be as if it were a stone's throw from your home, as long as you talk to the right person, a professional with a good reputation for example. Once again, the higher your criteria, the more substantial the wedding cake quote will be. The wedding cake tariff is issued once the cake has been made, the number of providers involved as well as that of the necessary floors is defined. In any case, get ready, you will have a lot to do with the genius of the workers who will offer you their most beautiful creations. The cream wedding cake is very often in demand, although the wedding candy cake is also gaining ground. The mounted piece is adapted to the symbolism of your event. Its composition varies with the scents and flavors you want to bring to it, in order to produce the most beautiful wedding cakes. Basically, there are common models, source of inspiration for your personalized cake. We distinguish: - The romantic wedding cake - The white and gold wedding cake for a royal-looking celebration - The wedding candy cake, another trendy trend for sweets lovers. Accessories can also be combined to enhance the masterpiece. It can be a ribbon, a miniature couple, sprinkles, a wedding cake candle and many other ingredients to brighten up or mark the symbolism of your ceremony. The purpose of the wedding cake is not limited to the celebration of a marriage, it can also be requested to commemorate a wedding anniversary. Imagine celebrating your beautiful years of living together with your loved one, celebrating your sacred union during your golden wedding anniversary with a superb 50 years of marriage cake and marking the event forever. So tempted? Above all, be sure to taste all the samples on offer, otherwise your cake might turn out to be way too sweet and not look as appealing on its display as it does on the plate.