Number cakes

You have certainly already heard of number cakes on Instagram or on Facebook. These number-shaped birthday cakes represent gourmet and ultra-refined pastries to enjoy in celebration of a birthday. It is to the Israeli pastry chef Adi Klinghofer that we owe this cake, which is highly customizable according to taste and age. The concept is so new that the success of this cake was immediate, to the point of replacing more and more the classic birthday cake. From now on, all the pastry chefs offer their own variations of the “number cake” and in the celebrations, we swear by this cake. If you have let yourself be seduced, you still need to know where to order a personalized cake.

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Where to order a number cake?

Birthday, wedding anniversary, corporate party… There are so many occasions when a number cake is so appropriate. Its distinctive number shape lends itself so much to the game of personalized celebrations that you can give it any shape and flavor you desire. The fruit number cake, the chocolate number cake, the kinder number cake and even the savory number cake are all variations. To order your personalized cake, you have the choice between ordering in a traditional pastry shop and buying a number cake online. Order from a specialized pastry chef This option is by far the most obvious, but above all, it is the option still chosen by all those who still prefer contact with their craftsman. In France, the land of pastry par excellence, you can find pastries on every street corner. However, most still offer mostly the traditional birthday cakes. For your own cake, you therefore need the skills of a specialized pastry chef. There are many reasons for choosing this option. First, this professional masters this concept and how to make a number cake. Likewise, he has some experience in choosing the flavors that he will make available to you. At your service, he will take into account your needs and requirements to offer you the cake of your dreams, whatever the occasion. He can also advise you on flavor combinations and put his creativity at your service, even if it is a question of making a unicorn number cake. The only downside is that ordering from a specialist inevitably comes at a certain cost. In such circumstances, the number cake price can skyrocket very quickly and not everyone can afford to spend tens of euros. Buy a number cake online A cake on demand in an online store, the concept totally breaks the codes of this classic pastry. However, it is winning over more and more people, allowing you to purchase your personalized cake with just a few clicks. These online stores that offer this new way of ordering a cake are usually traditional pastries. Very practical, this purchase option allows you to consult a catalog of number cake creations on the site and to choose your number cake cake. A very detailed description of the different flavors is made so that you can choose the ones you want. The most interesting thing about buying designer cake online is the possibility of making your own cake. This is the concept of the "turnkey" cake that reproduces the process of buying from a pastry chef, but more fun. Between the choice of the shape (number cake 1, number cake 2…) or the choice of flavor, you remain the master of the game. It is even possible to specify whether it is a boy's number cake or 'a cake for a girl. Added to this is the fact that buying your cake online will be cheaper. The number cake price online will usually fit your budget. The best pastry chefs to order a number cake Made on the basis of a tart, the "number cake" remains a pastry whose production remains very technical. Here are some good addresses to enhance your next event. Michalak Paris To order a Paris birthday cake, Christophe Michalak's online store is a reference. From this showcase, you have access to the greatest creations of this renowned chef from which you can choose. Otherwise, it is possible to get inspired by the many gift ideas offered to please a friend, relative or colleague. It is quite possible to go to one of the big chef's physical stores to order. Pierre Hermé Paris You can also order your Paris birthday cake at the establishment of another great chef, Pierre Hermé. You can buy your cake in one of the chef's 6 Parisian boutiques via the online store. We suggest that you ship your order to your home via courier delivery if you live in Paris. In fact, delivery is free from € 65 purchase. It is also possible to benefit from shipping anywhere in France. The pastry workshop If you are looking for an original cake to celebrate your birthday or that of a loved one, then you have come to the right place. This online pastry shop offers you different personalized number cakes according to your taste and your age. In addition, these delicacies with different flavors are available for all budgets. You can pick up your order from the Workshop car park for the drive or have it delivered to your home for a minimum purchase of € 20. With the online purchase, you can buy a marseille cake